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Chapter 13 bankruptcy allows debtors to establish a three- to five-year payment plan. These plans allow individuals to make affordable monthly payments for the benefit of their creditors, and are created in light of an individual’s or family’s financial circumstances at the time their plan was approved. If these circumstances change, however, the payment plan might need to change as well.

Contact our Colorado bankruptcy law office online today, or call 303.832.2550 to schedule a free initial consultation. We focus on producing real results and providing honest answers about your situation and how our services can help.

With nearly 15 years of combined experience, the Denver Chapter 13 modification lawyers at Greenwald & Hammond, P.C., have handled many complex Chapter 13 bankruptcy modifications. Regardless of your situation, we are here to help. We are real lawyers for real people, and we believe everyone should have a fair opportunity for a fresh financial start.

Handling Bankruptcy Conversions and Modifications in the Aurora Area

If your financial situation has changed since your Chapter 13 plan was approved, you must petition the court to lower your monthly payments or extend the duration of the plan. When you come to our firm, we will help you obtain payments that you can manage so your financial goals can be realized.

Courts will not allow you to modify your plan without showing that your current plan has become unworkable. By filing a motion, carefully explaining your situation and making persuasive arguments to the court, our firm will give you an excellent opportunity to receive a new plan that you can afford. Examples of typical reasons for seeking a modification include:

  • Losing a job or a reduction in income
  • Unexpected medical bills
  • Having a child or other family changes
  • Death of a spouse or income earner
  • Necessary purchases such as needing a new car to get to and from work

Helping You Modify Even if You Were Represented by Another Firm or Yourself

Many clients who represented themselves or were represented by another attorney during their initial bankruptcy proceedings come to our firm for help modifying their Chapter 13 plan. We are able to take over without missing a beat.

In fact, after discussing your situation, we might determine that a modification is not your best course of action. Often clients are eligible to convert their Chapter 13 bankruptcy into a Chapter 7. Take the first step to resolving your current financial situation by speaking with one of our knowledgeable lawyers today.

Contact Our Colorado Law Firm to Discuss Your Bankruptcy Options

Our lawyers are standing by ready to keep you on the right path toward your financial recovery. Call 303.832.2550 or contact our bankruptcy law office online today to schedule your free and completely confidential consultation.

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