Lien Stripping

In today’s economy, many individuals and their families have second or even third mortgages on their homes. It can be difficult to remain current on your payments if you or a loved one suddenly lost a job or had sudden, unexpected expenses. Additionally, many people’s mortgages are significantly more than the value of their homes.

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At the law office of Greenwald & Hammond, P.C., we can help you reduce or eliminate these extra mortgage payments by filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy and guiding you through a process known as “lien stripping.” Lien stripping effectively eliminates secondary mortgages and may be available to you depending on the current value of your home.

Helping Colorado Residents Avoid Foreclosure

One of the biggest concerns of many of our clients is that they will lose their home. With our help, you might be able to keep your home, reduce your debt and remove the stress and worry you have been living with for some time. We realize how important your home is to you, and have built a long history of success helping families stay in their home.

Our experienced Denver lien stripping attorneys realize that the bankruptcy process can seem overwhelming, especially when complex topics like lien stripping arise. When you come to our office, we will work hard to fully understand your situation, as well as to carefully explain our recommendations and how they will help you regain control over your finances. We are real lawyers for real people, and we understand your concerns.

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