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Personal Bankruptcy Can Be the Start of a New Phase in Life

At Greenwald & Hammond, we talk with people every day who are experiencing the stress of overwhelming debt. Our clients are good, hard-working people who, because of circumstances, found themselves in debt and simply could not regain control of their finances.

We want you to understand that financial struggles are not unusual. Thousands of people are affected by the loss of a job or decrease in wages. The housing market slump means home values have plunged while adjustable rate mortgages continue to rise. It’s a perfect storm for financial trouble. Contact our Denver bankruptcy law firm for answers to your financial hardships.

Even in good times it’s easy to fall into the debt cycle and very, very hard to get out. You purchase something on credit, you make a partial payment, interest gets added at 20 percent or more, and the next month you owe almost as much as you owed before. Make a late payment and fees stack up and your interest rate jumps even higher.

“Counselors” at Law

Lawyers are called “counselors at law” for a reason. We regularly deal with the most intimate aspects of our clients lives — their finances. We do so respectfully and kindly. We don’t talk down to our clients but instead we treat you in a positive, affirming and educational manner.

We will walk you through the bankruptcy process, ensuring you know what is coming next. If you have assets that are at risk for liquidation in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, we will let you know so that you may choose a different method to resolve your debt. We never want our clients to be surprised by what occurs in Bankruptcy court.

You CAN Get Back on Your Feet Financially

Although it’s difficult for many people to consider, filing for personal bankruptcy is one answer to overwhelming financial problems. Sometimes it is, in fact, the most responsible thing you can do. Rather than digging yourself and your family deeper into debt, you can finally regain control of your finances.

At the Denver bankruptcy law firm of Greenwald & Hammond, we understand the emotional and financial barriers you face. Our attorneys have helped hundreds of clients face these same challenges — and overcome them, becoming debt free faster than you thought possible.

Rebuilding Your Credit Score

While it seems hard to believe now, completing a bankruptcy filing can and does put you in a position to get back your good name in the eyes of creditors. If you have pre-existing revolving debt, like a home mortgage or vehicle loan payment, making these payments in full and on time will immediately begin to rebuild your credit rating.

If you do not have a revolving payment, you can begin to rebuild your credit by using a secured credit card. We can explain this in your free initial consultation.

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