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Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials for Greenwald & Hammond, P.C.

Recommendations for Mindy Greenwald (16)

Recommendations for Kerry Hammond (30)

Mindy Greenwald:

From Teibear: Disclaimer

Due to an issue that came up I had to seek out a different attorney then my last one and was referred to Greenwald & Hammond. They are Very Professional and Pleasure to work with. I should of went to them in the beginning but I went to a different firm and spent way too much for no customer service and help understanding the law. Mindy is fast, reliable, and very easy to talk to. Mindy got my issue solved in such a record time and answered all my questions until I understood what was going on. I HIGHLY Recommend Greenwald & Hammond P.C.!

Legal Issue: Bankruptcy Law
Teibear hired Mindy Greenwald in 2012.

From gAndG4: Disclaimer

We couldn't be more pleased with our decision to use Mindy from Greenwald &Hammond, P.C. We feel she took our crisis personally and structured a result based upon our specific case. The office and staff were courteous and very responsive. They made us feel like they appreciated our business and erased the typical law firm stigma. Because of our positive experience with Greenwald & Hammond P. C., we have recommended many people to their practice.

Legal Issue: Bankruptcy Law
gAndG4 hired Mindy Greenwald in 2011.

From debra2222: Disclaimer

From the first meeting, Mindy was very down-to-earth and straightforward. She did what you would expect a bankruptcy attorney to do - explain my options and the ramifications. But what I appreciated was the fact that she came across as a real person talking to (and not down to) another real person. She and her staff made the whole process so easy for me that I kept thinking there must be more to it. But they took care of everything, made sure I knew what was happening, reassured me and reminded me of things when I needed it. In the end, I was able to go from a stressed out mess to having some peace in my life again in a pretty short period of time. I wondered why I waited so long and am very grateful to have found Mindy to help. I recommend her wholeheartedly and without reservation.

Legal Issue: Bankruptcy Law
debra2222 hired Mindy Greenwald in 2012.

From MikeMIcheleA: Disclaimer

It took my wife and me more than nine months from first meeting with Mindy Greenwald to finally filing for bankruptcy with her law firm. We were initially seeking Mindy's help with possible debt restructuring as we held on to the belief that we could work our own way out of our financial problems. With hindsight, we should have heeded Ms. Greenwald's advice sooner than later and saved ourselves a lot more worry, stress and money. However, fear of the unknown, self-imposed guilt, and dealing with an 'old school' perception and stigma of 'going bankrupt' pretty much paralyzed us from taking immediate action. During our second visit, Mindy quickly dispelled our fears and longstanding perceptions. She emphasized the immediate and ultimate benefits of filing, was very knowledgeable and direct about the process and what our responsibilities would be throughout it. Her experience and confidence coupled with the organization and guidance of her assistant easily carried us through the filing procedure. There were no surprises and we were amazed at how accessible Mindy was to personally answer our many questions and interpret all the legal material that accompanies the bankruptcy process. Further, Mindy's partner Kerry Hammond was a valuable resource as well. The two attorneys communicated closely with each other, and Kerry served as a ready resource when Mindy was unavailable. It truly was like having a complete legal team taking care of us. It's been over a year since we filed and we can't fully convey how good we feel about the action we took. Again, our only regret is that we waited longer than we did to take control. With Mindy's help, we felt--and still feel--empowered. She's still very accessible and quickly responds to all of our lingering questions. There's absolutely no doubt that Greenwald and Hammond, P.C. made all the difference for us, and we're confident they can do the same for anyone. Mike and Michele A.

Legal Issue: Bankruptcy Law
MikeMIcheleA hired Mindy Greenwald in 2011.

From Erinc345: Disclaimer

Mindy was truly a lifesaver during my bankruptcy. The initial lawyer I had (from a different office) advertised himself as a bankruptcy attorney, but wasn't experienced. If I hadn't consulted Mindy, I would have ended up making some very costly mistakes. She is responsive and professional. Thanks Mindy!

Legal Issue: Debtor/Creditor
Erinc345 hired Mindy Greenwald in 2012.

From winuwish: Disclaimer

At our first meeting, I found not only was Mindy knowledgable, but gracious and patient as we worked together to resolve my issues. Through the process Mindy was on top of everything, keeping me constantly updated, always there to answer any questions, and most of all being supportive and compassionate through a difficult transition. I can say without hesitation that I hold Mindy in the highest regard for her honesty and professionalism. Feel confident that she is the best in her field and she will work her hardest to represent you.

Legal Issue: Bankruptcy Law
winuwish hired Mindy Greenwald in 2012

From BankruptcyIn2011: Disclaimer

Mindy Greenwald knows the bankruptcy law inside and out. But I'm sure that's true of many bankruptcy lawyers. What impressed me as different was Mindy's willingness to explain things in layman's terms, but without "talking down." I don't think that's universal. I spoke with other bankruptcy attorneys before deciding to go with Mindy, and several seemed uninterested in making me understand what was going on. Or they thumped their chests and touted how tough they'd be. I didn't need that. I needed an expert who was realistic and sincere and who took the time to talk things through with me. Mindy made sure I understood not only the law, but the logic behind it. As a result, I felt very comfortable during the process that I was doing not only what the law allowed me to do, but what common sense suggested. The process did not seem adversarial. Unfortunate, yes, but not ugly. There were no enemies. It was very straightforward. Mindy is that way. Significantly, I left the process with my dignity intact. I certainly did not want to file for bankruptcy protection, and I never want to again. But, if the circumstances dictated that I had no choice, at least I was able to walk away with honor. Mindy had a lot to do with that. She put the whole matter in proper perspective. We're human. We make mistakes. But there is resolution. It's not a good situation, but it's not awful, either Mindy's firm is small enough that you are not shunted off to a junior associate. If you make an appointment with Mindy, that's whom you'll see. But it's not a mom-and-pop operation, either. The expertise is there, in a friendly and non-pressured environment. That was the right balance for me.

Legal Issue: Bankruptcy Law
BankruptcyIn2011 hired Mindy Greenwald in 2011

From holy3484: Disclaimer

Mindy Greenwald, and her entire staff, were a ray of light for me in a particularly dark time. I arrived in Denver in a financial mess, and over the course of 3 years (because of complications at my end) they walked me through every step of the bankruptcy process. They were caring and kind, and extremely professional in their approach to sorting through the confusion. I feel blessed every day that I was lucky enough to stumble into their office. At the time, I thought I would never get through it all and survive. I did, with their help, and now it feels like just another bump in the road. You can trust this crew to handle your finances in a responsible and thoughtful way. I can't recommend them highly enough.

Legal Issue: Bankruptcy Law
holy3484 hired Mindy Greenwald in 2010.

kcominsky: Disclaimer

When I felt very "bogged" down with my bills, failing marriage and no job, Mindy was there not only professionally but personally as well. She did not immediatley try to sell me up on a bankruptcy but took a good hard look at my situation and determined that a bankruptcy could give a "fresh start." Not only is Mindy a fantastic attorney but her office staff and partner were always there to answer any questions that I had. Towards the end they even offer programs to help jump start rebuilding my credit.

Legal Issue: Bankruptcy Law
kcominsky hired Mindy Greenwald in 2011.

From kwfederal2000: Disclaimer

My name is Keith W. I retained Mindy 18 months ago, and it was one of the best investments I ever made! During my initial consultation, she made me feel very comfortable about my situation and reassured me that she would do her best to get me the financial relief I was desperately needing. Honestly, she far exceeded my expectations! Mindy is truly a down to earth person, understanding, and a true professional. What sets her apart from other attorneys, she responds to my inquiries (voice messages or emails) in a timely manner. I really sleep well at night knowing she is my attorney!

Legal Issue: Debtor/Creditor
kwfederal2000 hired Mindy Greenwald in 2010.

From SandyS: Disclaimer

I retained Mindy Greenwald to help me decide whether to declare bankruptcy. Mindy was sympathetic to my situation. She was professional, prompt in returning calls and email. She answered my questions and never made me feel like there wasn't time for me. I appreciated her frankness in helping me to make the right decisions. She never pushed me. She let me work through the decision making process in my own time. However, once I made my decisions, she helped me through the court process, guided me, gave me great advice and we got through the process quickly. She helped me to get peace of mind through a very difficult time in my life. I am getting back on my feet and I couldn't have done it without her help.

Legal Issue: Bankruptcy Law
SandyS hired Mindy Greenwald in 2010.

From sabeyta11: Disclaimer

I highly recommend Mindy Greenwald. Mindy continually provides a high level of service by returning calls and or emails immediately. She is extremely thorough and took the time to walk me though all the steps. She was always right there available to answer any questions or concerns I had. Mindy always eased my mind and demonstrated a positive attitude at all times. Mindy and her law firm met and exceeded my expectations.

Legal Issue: Bankruptcy Law
sabeyta11 hired Mindy Greenwald in 2010.

From ThankfulforMindy: Disclaimer

If you find yourself in the position of not being able to pay your bills and have no idea how you are ever going to get out of the horrible place you are now living in--please call Mindy Greenwald. I cannot begin to express how much she helped me at a time in my life when I could barely think! She is an attorney that can explain the important things you need to know without making you feel like a total fool! Everyone in her offices will make you feel important and treat you with kindness and compassion. Please don't wait another day without talking to her--she may just be the answer to the prayers you have been praying! Sincerely, Thankful for Mindy

Legal Issue: Debtor/Creditor
ThankfulforMindy hired Mindy Greenwald in 2010.

From Satisfied Client: Disclaimer

Ms. Greenwald and her staff are very professional, efficient, and pleasant to work with. They work hard to make a difficult experience, an easy process. I always had confidence in their expertise, which is so needed when experiencing a serious legal transaction. I highly recommend Mindy and would return for her services in a minute, should a legal situation arise.

Satisfied Client hired Mindy Greenwald in 2010.

From leonnal: Disclaimer

Recently, Mindy Greenwald helped me with the difficult process of bankruptcy. During the first meeting, we discussed my particular situation, and she gave me many options. I remember thinking how nervous and worried I had been, but she put me at ease, and I left thinking that I had found someone to truly help me. After I decided to file, the process went very smoothly. Her staff was very helpful, and always available to answer my questions and give me guidance with the paperwork. Mindy and her staff prepared me very well, and there were no real surprises that came about. When I made the court appearance, Mindy was there and that made me feel much more comfortable, as this was a very stressful situation. Afterward, I have had a couple of questions about my finances, and Mindy has always been available to answer them and I trust her advice. I would highly recommend Ms Greenwald to anyone seeking a bankruptcy attorney. Leonna R Larter

Legal Issue: Debtor/Creditor
leonnal hired Mindy Greenwald in 2010.

From ToughTimesMadeEasier: Disclaimer

Going through a bankruptcy is a VERY emotional & stressful process. We initially hired an attorney who made our situation unbelievably more stressful, and unnecessarily so - not returning phone calls, not performing what he promised, not carrying through the legal process in a timely manner & the list goes on. It was a horrible few months for us. Then we contacted Mindy Greenwald. She took over our case and not only worked diligently and efficiently on our case, but did so in a compassionate manner. After our first meeting with her, we felt like the weight of the world was off our shoulders. We were beyond grateful to have found her - we were just sorry we didn't use her from the beginning. Mindy is sympathetic, easy to talk to and extremely knowledgeable. She got us through our bankruptcy and made it as painless as possible for us. And the staff at Greenwald & Hammond are amazing! Everyone is SO nice & efficient. Should you find yourself in a situation where bankruptcy might be an option for you, I would HIGHLY recommend Mindy Greenwald of Greenwald & Hammond.

Legal Issue: Bankruptcy Law
ToughTimesMadeEasier hired Mindy Greenwald in 2009.

Kerry Hammond:

From SingleMom08: Disclaimer

I found myself in an unfortunate and unsustainable situation when my ex-husband was unable to continue making child support payments. My circumstances weren't the greatest and Kerry was very patient. She explained my bankruptcy options, fees, and future impacts thoroughly. She did a terrific job in guiding me through the process and supporting me through the hearing. She wasn't only incredibly professional and diligent but her support came at a time when it was needed most. I would recommend her without question for any legal service!

Legal Issue: Bankruptcy Law
SingleMom08 hired Kerry Hammond in 2012.

From KishaA: Disclaimer

Going thru Bankruptcy was one of the hardest decisions my husband and I ever made. We were so blessed to have found Kerry Hammond of Greenwald & Hammond. We had the pleasure of working with Kerry Hammond. She made this experience easy, comfortable and not stressful. The process went so smooth. I will always recommend Kerry Hammond of Greenwald & Hammond to anyone who needs there assistance.

Legal Issue: Bankruptcy Law
KishaA hired Kerry Hammond in 2011.

From lisamarie: Disclaimer

After originally working with another bankruptcy attorney who did not turn out to be very helpful, we switched to Kerry Hammond of Greenwald & Hammond, P.C. So glad we did. She was much more knowledgeable about the bankruptcy process, gave us way more information than our previous attorney and told us exactly what to expect and how much it would cost. No hidden surprises! Her and her staff always responded quickly to email or phone questions. She was a very calming influence at the actual court hearing. I would highly recommend her and her staff to anyone going through the difficult process of bankruptcy.

Legal Issue: Bankruptcy Law
lisamarie hired Kerry Hammond in 2012.

From JD1966: Disclaimer

Kerry took my bankruptcy case on after I was fired by another attorney that I had retained because he said my case was too difficult. After this happened I was in total disbelief and not understanding why and questioning if I was doing the right thing. I had a brief phone consultation with Kerry and she encourage me to come in for a visit with no obligation, she reviewed my case and seen no issue with it and was confident that I had qualified for filing, she also layed out all my options with no pressure. Filing for bankruptcy is a difficult time in ones life and can be a humiliating experience, plus you are in a vulnerable place. You need to have someone in your corner that you can trust and rely upon, and that will make you feel comfortable and confident throughout the entire process, and thats exactly what you will get from Kerry Hammond and all the employees of Greenwald & Hammond P.C. Thanks for all your help JD.

Legal Issue: Bankruptcy Law
JD1966 hired Kerry Hammond in 2010.

From gjacobs: Disclaimer

I started my Bankruptcy in IL with a lawyer who did nothing over 2 years. I moved to CO in 2012 and a friend highly recommended Kerry Hammond. After such a terrible experience I was very skeptical and afraid to trust another lawyer. When I came to her office I was greeted by her assistant who was extremely warm and kind. Kerry treated me the same way. Kerry is very knowledgeable with understanding the Bankruptcy laws in CO and had done her homework on the difference between IL laws and CO laws. She provide me the information I needed and within three months my Bankruptcy was completed. Kerry answered questions anytime I called and when we met, she prepared me for everything I could expect going to court. I felt completely at ease knowing she would be with me and everything went slowly and better than I could have ever expected. If ANYONE would ask me for a lawyer, she would be the first person I would suggest. Her integrity, knowledge, and kindness were so important to me as a client and she exceeded my expectations.

Legal Issue: Bankruptcy Law
gjacobs hired Kerry Hammond in 2012.

From Wilsonad: Disclaimer

Kerry and her offices did an awesome job with my filing. They are always there for any questions that you may have; Kerry showed a true interest in my finances and assured me that they would be there for me through the length of my filing term. I would rate their offices as an A+.

Legal Issue: Other
Wilsonad hired Kerry Hammond in 2011.

From mommy3: Disclaimer

From the second I walked into Kerry's office, I was treated with respect. Bankruptcy was a very difficult decision for me to take, and Kerry and all her staff made it a really easy process. I was so impressed with how organized she is and so knowledable. On the actual court date, I watched 2 people before me have to come back because their attorneys did not have the proper forms organized. I was grateful I had hired Kerry-it just goes to show, you get what you pay for. I would highly recommend Kerry Hammond for anyone seeking help with their bankruptcy.

Legal Issue: Bankruptcy Law
mommy3 hired Kerry Hammond in 2010.

From Joonia: Disclaimer

When I came to the difficult decision of doing a bankruptcy I chose Greenwald & Hammond, P.C.. My lawyer there was Kerry Hammond. Though it was a very stressful time in my life, Kerry Hammond and everyone in her office put me at ease. I felt like they knew exactly what I was going through and they took care of everything. I felt cared for, understood, and respected. Ms. Hammond kept in close contact with me through the entire process. When I had a question, even the most trivial of questions, someone would be there to answer it or I would get a call back usually within 30-60 minutes. I've even had questions since my case has been closed, months afterward even, and she's been there to help. I would wholeheartedly recommend Kerry Hammond to my dearest friends and family - I'm certain she would get them through the process as smoothly as she did for me.

Legal Issue: Bankruptcy Law
Joonia hired Kerry Hammond in 2012.

From PlzdClient: Disclaimer

II would like to recommend Kerry Hammond of Greenwald and Hammond as excellent council for bankruptcy. Kerry and her staff made it an easy comfortable process for me. As a recently divorced woman, I felt very comfortable explaining my situation and felt very supported. Everyone in the office always met me with a friendly smile and they made the entire process easy to understand and I always felt like they had my best interest at heart. I was able to speak to someone in person at any time and had all of my questions answered immediately. This was not a process I took lightly, but Kerry, her partner and their legal assistant made it as painless and seamless as possible .I couldn’t have asked for a better experience considering the situation.

Legal Issue: Bankruptcy Law
PlzdClient hired Kerry Hammond in 2012.

From HWilson: Disclaimer

I met with four different attorneys before choosing Kerry Hammond for our personal bankruptcy. Many of the attorneys had us talk to assistants or paralegals, never even met us in person, had us fill out forms in the office or online like we were not individuals with individual questions and concerns. Kerry was warm and friendly, thoughtful, and straight with us from the start. She took the time to answer a million questions before she ever got a nickel from us. It was worth paying a little more for the feeling that we mattered. She personally took multiple emails and phone calls from us when we had worries or questions - even at night and on weekends. I felt like the other attorneys were just doing it for the money, but never did we feel that way with Kerry. She took time to talk with us and treat us like people, not just debtors. It made a scary, unpleasant decision much easier and the process easy and less painful than we expected. And I didn't feel like a kid in the principal's office, I felt like a person who got into an untenable situation, and she understood that it didn't diminish my intelligence or value as a functioning adult. I would recommend her to anyone!

Legal Issue: Bankruptcy Law
HWilson hired Kerry Hammond in 2012.

From Chris1225: Disclaimer

I found working with Kerry Hammond to be quite a wonderful experience. Initially when I contacted her I was trying to determine whether bankruptcy was the right alternative for me. She was extremely knowledgeable, non judgemental and compassionate. I was struggling with a lot of fear and embarrasment, but came away from our first meeting with the information I needed to make a good decision. I also felt so relieved that Kerry was available to help me with her expertise, because I was feeling very overwhelmed by the mattters I was facing. I did end up taking the bankruptcy route, and it was a very positive experience from beginning to end. Kerry has a set of steps for her clients to take that are extremely helpful because they almost force you to get organized, and on the right track for the future. When we finally had the court date, we were definitely the most organized and prepared people in the room, and my case was processed quickly and without any goofs or complications. I feel that working with Kerry Hammond was a very worthwhile experience and would recommend her to anyone struggling with similar issues. She is extremely knowledgeable, practical, sensible, and trustworthy. Her fees are not the cheapest in town, but you will find they are wirth every penny. She and her staff are extremely thorough on all points, and give every question or concern their full attention.

Legal Issue: Bankruptcy Law
Chris1225 hired Kerry Hammond in 2011.

From Rich4u1: Disclaimer

In October 2011 I was in need of a Bankruptcy Attorney. After much thought and consideration and interviewing Attorneys, I decided to use the Professional Service of Kerry Hammond. This was indeed a very good decision, because Kerry used her expertise ability to guide me through this trying time of filing bankruptcy. I thought this would be a very long process however, Kerry guided me through the procedure. This was a good and pleasant business relationship therefore, I would recommend Kerry to anyone.

Rich4u1 hired Kerry Hammond in 2011.

From Yael42: Disclaimer
Super knowledgeable, professional, thorough, energetic and compassionate. Received flawless guidance, availability and support. Couldn't be more satisfied, with the outstanding competence of Kerry and her staff. Highly recommend!

Legal Issue: Other
Yael42 hired Kerry Hammond in 2011.

From 1BKSurvivor: Disclaimer
I found Kerry and her legal team to be very knowledgeable, efficient, and effective in our exploration of bankruptcy provision and benefits. She was understanding and objective and was a great coach throughout the entire process. Her legal team stepped in when needed and made for a great experience in an otherwise difficult time. I warmly recommend Kerry and Greenwald & Hammond, PC.

Legal Issue: Bankruptcy Law
1BKSurvivor hired Kerry Hammond in 2011.

From steve65: Disclaimer
Very professional, thorough, and friendly, during a stressful time in our lives. Ms. Hammond and her staff were prompt in answering our many questions through both phone calls and emails, and we felt assured during the process that everything was being handled appropriately. After researching other firms and speaking to other attorneys, we felt confident in Greenwald & Hammond, and in the end were quite satisfied. High recommendations for Ms. Hammond and her firm's personal service.

Legal Issue: Bankruptcy Law
steve65 hired Kerry Hammond in 2011.

From Yael42: Disclaimer
Rock solid communication and service! Smooth sailing with no surprises. Absolutely pleased! You can be calm and confident having chosen Kerry to represent you. Very highly recommend!

Legal Issue: Other
Yael42 hired Kerry Hammond in 2011.

From Lynn15: Disclaimer
Filing Bankruptcy is a tough decision in which you go through a lot of emotion. Kerry Hammond and her staff are VERY compassionate and understanding. She helped me realize that filing bankruptcy was NOT the end of the world, but a chance to get a fresh start. From start to finish, Kerry kept me informed of what to expect, as well as what to expect after the process was over. She and Jesse M are VERY professional, knowledgeable and prompt. Not that I will need Kerry's services in the future, but I sure have recommended and will continue to recommend her! Thank you Kerry!!

Legal Issue: Bankruptcy Law
Lynn15 hired Kerry Hammond in 2011.

From MARKSCHULTZ: Disclaimer
From the moment I met Kerry and her staff the level of professionalism was very high. Her knowledge of the process and the time frame it would take to complete the bankruptcy process was very comforting. Kerry is well knowledged in her profession and I would recommend her to others that have underwent financial hardship.

Legal Issue: Bankruptcy Law
MARKSCHULTZ hired Kerry Hammond in 2010.

From mboxcenter: Disclaimer
Kerry and her staff are wonderful! Kerry was very reassuring at a time in my life when everything seemed to be upside down. Whenever I had a question or concern, Kerry promptly provided me with answers. I found everyone to be very professional and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend Kerry Hammond.

Legal Issue: Bankruptcy Law
mboxcenter hired Kerry Hammond in 2011.

From tammysueb: Disclaimer

It is a genuine pleasure and honor for me to recommend Kerry Hammond of Greenwald & Hammond, PC. Kerry offered me great advice and support regarding my legal matter. Her knowledge and expertise was very reassuring. I honestly felt a sense of relief and confidence having Kerry with me every step of the way. Needless to say, I sincerely appreciate everything she has done for me. Kerry Hammond's personal and professional representation qualifies her as the ideal attorney and she has my personal recommendation.

Legal Issue: Bankruptcy Law
tammysueb hired Kerry Hammond in 2011.

From howells12: Disclaimer

Kerry was our attorney and I have to say she made the process easy and simple for my husband and me. We had a lot of debt and no idea what to do. Kerry sat us down, went through everything with us and explained each step as she did it. If we had any questions or concerns, she answered them to the best of her ability. My husband was a bit more skeptical than me, as are all men. Even he felt assured after talking to Kerry and having her answer his questions. She always answered our emails within 24 hours, it was never hard to get a hold of her and we never felt rushed or stupid for any concerns that we voiced. If Kerry wasn't in the office, her paralegal or her partner were there to answer our questions, so we were never left without help. Even when there was slight hiccup in our case, Kerry took it all i stride, having already anticipated any issues, calm and collected. I'm not saying that I'd want to go through bankruptcy again, but if we had to, I'd take Kerry and her firm any day.

Legal Issue: Bankruptcy Law
howells12 hired Kerry Hammond in 2011.

From dignity: Disclaimer

Ms. Hammond accepted our bankruptcy case after another attorney, who we had paid in full, did not perform. Kerry quickly, efficiently, and professionally, gathered all of the necessary information and filed our case. My wife and I could not be more satisfied with her efforts along with the delightful and professional office management of Jesse McGee. It was a very difficult decision to have to file bankruptcy, but the manner in which Kerry Hammond and her support team moved us seamlessly through the process made it a little easier than it otherwise could have been. I would recommend Greenwald & Hammond without hesitation to anyone in need of their professional services.

Legal Issue: Bankruptcy Law
dignity hired Kerry Hammond in 2011.

From Sadie7: Disclaimer

I retained Kerry Hammond as my attorney to represent me in my financial demise. This was a very difficult time for me. Kerry handled my case on a very professional level, yet comforting and assuring that the future would improve. The entire staff was always available, attentive to my questions and very supportive. It was meaningful to know that I had a qualified team behind me at all times! Foreclosures and Bankruptcies are abundant these days and it was very important to me to know that my needs were met by a genuine, knowledgeable and professional attorney. I was not just another case to process through. If a good doctor has great bedside manner, I would use the analogy that a great attorney is great in and out of the court room and before and after as well. I highly recommend Kerry Hammond and her team.

Legal Issue: Debtor/Creditor
Sadie7 hired Kerry Hammond in 2010.

From Vaschaeffers442: Disclaimer

I want to make note that Greenwald & Hammond was not the first attorney we spoke with. That meeting was not informational as I had expected. Then my husband found Greenwald & Hammond and called to make the appointment. From the first consultation, Kerry was more than friendly and very professional. We were in need of serious professional help. My husband and I were at our wits end. The advice Kerry gave us was honest and the wealth of knowledge was immense. It made us feel competent in our decision. With the entire process, Kerry and the staff at Greenwald & Hammond have been there for every question, every concern and many panicked phone calls. We followed the process and with doing so have been very grateful with the outcome. Our lives are significantly different from 1 year ago today.

Legal Issue: Debtor/Creditor
Vaschaeffers442 hired Kerry Hammond in 2010.

From SarahA1: Disclaimer

Before filing Ch. 7, I researched a few different lawyers in the Boulder and Denver area. I was treated rudely at one office and was brushed off by another attorney. Kerry and her team were instantly friendly and helpful. Her office staff is also very professional and do not come across as judgmental. I highly recommend Kerry to anyone interested in filing. Kerry was organized, timely, and efficient. I couldn't have asked for a better experience.

Legal Issue: Other
SarahA1 hired Kerry Hammond in 2010.

From Josh1977: Disclaimer

I think that Kerry Hammond approach was ideal for us in our situation. I had an initial free consultation in which she explained my options, my wife and I had been through a lot of sleepless nights trying to figure out our finances. We chose Kerry over the other Bankruptcy attorneys because of her honesty and she let us know up front that we had some work to do as well. After she collected the required documentation from us, she began working on our case. It took less than a week for the collection calls to stop, which meant that she had been in contact with our debtors and the process was off and running. Any time I had a question for her she answered it with confidence and compassion. Kerry has given me a better night sleep and a better quality of life. It took my wife and I a while to realize that any fight we had been in had been over stress with our financials. I have been educated through this experience with Kerry to realize where I made my financial mistakes so I don't end up in the same place I have already been.

Legal Issue: Bankruptcy Law
Josh1977 hired Kerry Hammond in 2009.

From Wandap: Disclaimer

We were so blessed to find Kerry and her law firm to get us through a very hard time of our life. I researched several debt consolidation firms and was very nervous after seeing the ratings on the BBB so started searching the internet for a law firm to help us and stumbled on Greenwald & Hammond. Kerry and her staff moved us through the process as fast as I could get the paperwork to them and made a stressful time a little easier. She told us what the plan was and made it happen. There were no surprises. She and her staff were available to answer any and all of my questions as we went through the process. I would recommend Kerry and Greenwald & Hammond to anyone.

Wandap hired Kerry Hammond in 2010.

From Samantha: Disclaimer

I could not have asked for a more understanding and helpful attorney for my filing. Kerry outlined the process me, in detail, so that I would know what to expect and how best to handle my situation. She was always readily available to answer my questions or concerns, and her responses were always prompt. Even six months after my filing, when I had concerns regarding some paperwork I received, the level of service was just as high as the first day I met with her. Kerry definitely made this seemingly overwhelming point in my life feel manageable. I would highly recommend her.

Legal Issue: Bankruptcy Law
Samantha hired Kerry Hammond in 2009.

From xwarriorcoy: Disclaimer

Kerry was wonderful! Professional yet approachable. She answered all my questions and was with me every step of the way. I would recommend her to anyone needing a competent, friendly, professional lawyer. Thanks Kerry and all the Greenwald and Hammond staff!

Legal Issue: Bankruptcy Law
xwarriorcoy hired Kerry Hammond in 2010.

From cgilbert32: Disclaimer

Wonderful Law firm. They have everything in place that a person looking for a lawyer or any business is looking for: They explain everything very well and there are no surprises. They are attentive to every phone call or email. I never had a question I brought up either via email or phone that was not answered within 24 hours. There were no hidden fees or surprises with the amount of money they were charging for taking my case. Most of my issues or questions could be answered on the phone even if my lawyer was not available at the time. They have people in the firm who are quite competent. Most of the time I did not get excuses why they could not help me immediately. My case was pretty complicated but Kerry stuck with the case throughout. Never did I wonder if I was on my own. This law firm is unusual in today's business world. They tell you what they are going to do and they do it!! No excuses, no long waits, no surprises. A breath of fresh air!!!

Legal Issue: Bankruptcy Law
cgilbert32 hired Kerry Hammond in 2010.

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